Best Rated Step Stool For Toddlers and Kids – Top 11 Reviews

Every parent tries to give their child the best of things. From education to apparels and nutrition to knowledge. But the most important thing for parents is to build their child’s personality. The ability to do things on our own comes from the values our parents give us.

At our homes, there are often places our kids cannot reach. It could be the sink, a bookshelf or simply a window. While it is okay to help your child out, you wouldn’t want him or her to be dependent on you forever.

Have you ever considered a step stool to make things easier at your home in such a case? Well, an ideal step stool allows a child to independently move around the house and take his things on his home. It also saves a parent from running after a child every time to help him or her out with some work.

In a Rush? Have a Look at These Reviews of the Best Step Stool For Toddlers and Kids

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Best Step Stool For Toddlers and Kids – Our Top 11 Recommendations and Reviews

Choosing the best step stool for toddlers could be a real task. Plus, the internet has a host of options and we understand you do not have all day to go through them. So here is a list of 11 step stools that we have carefully selected keeping in mind what suits you best, but most importantly, what suits a child’s needs in the best way. So what are you waiting for? Just ‘step’ it up!

1) iLove Step Stool (Gray 2 Pack)

If you are looking to buy something that can serve your purpose in two places of your house at the same time, then this is the perfect product for you. The twin pack comes with two identical stools that are lightweight and have sturdy at the same time.

Product Features:

  • The two stools come with soft grip rubber surfaces on both the steps
  • Both the stools have slip-resistant rubber feet
  • The stools come with easy to grab handles
  • The stools can hold up to 175 lbs
  • The materials used to make the stools are BPA free and PVC free


  • Rubber grips keeps a child from slipping off the stool
  • Rubber grips also provide comfort to the feet as it is soft and has a design which is good for the pressure points
  • Floor grips at the bottom keeps the tool from slipping, thus saving a child from hurting himself
  • Handles make it easy to move around with the stools and also stack them after use
  • Ideal for kids being given toilet training, taught how to wash hands and brush teeth on their own
  • The two steps make it easy to be used for a longer time as a child grows up


  • The first step on the tools are slightly narrow
  • Not many colour options

2) Little Partners The Orignal Natural Learning Tower

If you are looking for a safe, sturdy wooden step stool for your child and want it to be there in the house for a longer time, then this product is ideal for you. Designed by a Montessori school educator, this step stool lifts your child perfectly to the height of a kitchen counter or the top racks of a bookshelf.

Product Features:

  • This step stool has protection on all four sides
  • With two cuts on each side, the step stool makes it easy for a child to climb
  • The product can be adjusted to four different heights
  • The step stool can carry up to 500 lbs
  • The legs are wide enough to give the product the required stability


  • Four side protection saves a child from falling and hurting himself or herself
  • Large openings on the sides enables a child to climb into the step stool easily
  • Product has seven different colour options
  • Design is so made as to make it easy to clean
  • All-wood structure makes it more durable


  • The anti-slip mat does not come along with the product and has to be bought separately
  • Though the wide base gives stability, absence of anti-slip pads on the bottom of the stands may cause scratches on the floor

3) Little Partners The Growing Step Stool

If you are looking for a multipurpose step stool that supports both you and your child, this is the ideal product for you. With a wide platform to allow adults to sit and children to climb onto safely, this wooden step stool is ideal for homes, nursery schools and kids’ corners.

Product Features:

  • This step stool has three different heights with an adjustment lock
  • The sides of the stool have railings for a better grip while climbing onto it
  • The product is made of Birchwood and poplar
  • It can support a weight of up to 150 lbs


  • This step stool is made of solid wood which makes it very stable and durable
  • The product is finished using non-toxic child safe paint
  • It comes with anti slip pads which makes it safer for your child on it
  • Design makes it easy to clean the step stool
  • Height adjustment feature allows you to have the product for a longer time as it literally grows with your child
  • It comes in seven different colours
  • The height of the product is perfect to allow your child to reach to the height of the kitchen counter or the washbasin


    • The anti slip pads are difficult to wash
    • The step stool cannot be folded and stored in a smaller place

4) Melissa & Doug Wooden Step Stool

Made of medium density fibrewood, this step stool comes from the famous brand Melissa and Doug, known mainly for their toys. As far as utility is concerned, this product has two steps and is ideal to help elevate your child to the kitchen counter or the bathroom sink. The step stool could also be used at bedrooms, playrooms and nursery schools.

Product Features:

  • This product has two steps that give the highest elevation of 14 inches
  • Right beneath the top step is a ridge cut out to carry it around from room to room
  • This step stool can carry up to 100 lbs
  • Ideal for children between three years and seven years of age


  • Step stool is easy to set up and needs no tool except for a screwdriver
  • Straight back design of the product makes it easy to keep against a kitchen counter of a bed
  • Compact design makes it easy to keep it away after use
  • Stool has four colours to choose from
  • Product is easy to clean
  • Wooden structure makes the step stool sturdy


  • This step stool does not come with anti slip pads
  • It has no railings for a child to hold on to while climbing

5) Little Partners Explore n Store Learning Tower With Adjustable Height

Worried about not being able to store your child’s step stool? Not anymore. This product, as the name suggests, is not only easy to set up, but also easy to fold after use and can be kept away in a corner. This adjustable step stool is made of fine quality wood and is also rates high when it comes to protection of children.

Product Features:

  • The step stool comes with three adjustment positions
  • The positions can be locked with a set of fancy screws
  • It comes with a wide base for increased stability
  • The stool has a foldable front step


  • The step stool is bound on four sides, keeping a child safe inside
  • The front step can be folded to reduce the space taken by the product
  • There are large gaps on the sides making it easy for a child to get into the step stool
  • The wooden structure makes the stool sturdy
  • Ideal for kids above three and below seven years of age
  • Comes in two different colours


  • The steps do not have anti slip pads
  • The product’s stands do not have pads and may leave scratches on a floor
  • The product is slightly narrow

6) Angels Step Kids Best Friend Boys Blue Step Stool

If you are looking for a step stool only to help in giving toilet training to your little angel, this product is the best to suit your purpose. With a height of just above five inches, this step stool acts as the perfect aid inside bathrooms. However, you may also use this in your bedroom if your bed is of a lower height than usual.

Product Features:

  • The step stool has an anti slip pad on the top of it
  • The bottom of the stool has anti slip pads as well
  • It can carry a weight up to 70 lbs
  • Ideal for kids above two years of age


  • Step stool is sturdy
  • Anti slip pads keep a child from slipping
  • Bottom pads help keep the step stool in place
  • It has two holes on its sides to help even children carry it around easily


  • The product comes with only one step, thus making it difficult to use outside the bathroom or maybe at the most in the bedroom
  • The step stool is not very wide

7) SDADI Step Stool With Adjustable Heights for Kids

If you are looking for something a little bit more protection for your child, then this step stool is ideal for your purpose. With a design that keeps a child from slipping out through the sides, this product is ideal to be used at the kitchen or even in the bathroom. The highlight of the step stool is the feature to adjust the height of the product to suit your need.

Product Features:

  • This step stool has four adjustable heights
  • It is made of wood which makes it sturdy
  • The product is painted with lead-free non-toxic material
  • The base is wide enough for enhanced stability


  • The product is lightweight, thus making it easy to move around
  • With the feature of adjustable height, this step stool actually grows with your child
  • Non-toxic material used to paint it makes it safe for your child
  • Sides are covered, making it safe for your child while he or she is inside
  • Flat back and front design makes it easy to put against a kitchen counter, bookshelf or the bathroom sink
  • This step stool comes with two colour options


  • This step stool has no anti slip pads
  • The bottom of the product also does not have anti slip pads which may cause scratches on your floor
  • The step stool takes up a lot of space as it does not fold

8) BABYBJORN Step Stool

Yet another step stool ideal for toilet training to your child, the Babybjorn step stool has a single step compact design and comes with host of options on the aspect of colour. Apart from the bathroom, this may also be used in the bedroom for slightly bigger kids.

Product Features:

  • The top of the step stool has an anti slip rubber pad
  • The stands on the bottom of the step stool have anti slip pads too
  • The product is lightweight and has easy to carry features


  • The anti slip pads gives a child the perfect grip while being toilet trained
  • The bottom anti slip pads keep the step stool at one place
  • It is made of BPA free, PVC free, phthalate esters free, cadmium free, lead free, and bromine free material which makes it safe for a child
  • Has an option of nine different colours
  • The step stool is easy to clean


  • The product has limited usage because it has features of only single height
  • The step stool does not have side railings to help a child get up on it easily
  • The make of the product is slightly flimsy

9) Disney Mickey Mouse “All Star” Step Stool

Ideal for your young champ’s toilet training, the design of this step stool is such that fits perfectly in a bathroom. However, the product could also be used in bedrooms.

Product Features:

  • The top of the step stool has an anti slip pad
  • The bottom of the product also comes with a set of anti slip pads
  • It comes with features that make it easy to carry around


  • A curved back fits perfectly against a pedestal, making it usable for toilet training and helping your child in front of the bathroom sink
  • The anti slip pad on the top keeps a child from falling
  • The anti slip pads on the bottom of the product saves scratches, keeps it in one place and reduces chances of noises like chalk on board


  • There is only one step in this product which limits the usages around the house
  • The sticker comes off easily

10) Squatty Potty Kids Pet Toilet Stool Kit Pup Base with Hat and Seat

A smart thing for your child’s toilet training, this step stool is a perfect fit in your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. With two steps, this stool can be used for kids right from the age of two.

Product Features:

  • This product has a two step base stool
  • Both the steps have anti slip pads
  • It has an attractive design
  • Ideal for kids above two years


  • The make of the product is sturdy
  • The curved back design fits perfectly against commodes and bathroom sinks
  • The two steps increase the usage of the step stool around the house
  • The anti slip pads protect a child from falling off
  • It comes with two other designs and packages which include an additional height and a toilet seat


  • The texture of the anti slip pad makes it difficult to wash
  • The bottom anti slip pads are too small and does not help in keeping the stool in place

11) Little Partners Reach Up Step Stool With Adjustable Height

This two steps stool is ideal to be used in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere where a child needs to reach greater heights. With safety features in the right places, this wooden product is durable and easy to maintain.

Product Features:

  • The stool has two steps which help children reach different heights according to their needs
  • The product has steel stair railings
  • It comes with a built-in carry handle
  • The step stool can carry up to 200 lbs
  • Comes with anti slip pads on the steps


  • The anti slip pads keep children from falling off the step stool
  • The railings help a child scale the product and give them the support while they are doing something with both their hands
  • The product is lightweight and can be carried around the house easily
  • The solid wood make renders the product to be sturdy
  • The step stool is painted with non-toxic paint which makes it safer for a child
  • It has a wide base which gives the product enhanced stability
  • The wide platforms can also act as a stool for a child


  • This product has no colour option except for the wood finish
  • The bottom stands do not have anti slip pads which may leave scratches on the floor

Buying Guide – Step Stool For Toddlers and Kids

Things To Consider Before Buying Step Stool For Toddlers and Kids

While step stools come very handy, buying the same can be a real task. With scores of online options, things become all the more difficult. Parenting isn’t easy you say? Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Here’s a list we have prepared to guide you through what you should look for while buying the best step stool for toddlers and kids.

Height Of The Product

Functionalities of step stools can vary from family to family. While you may want one to impart toilet training to your little angel, someone else may want it to elevate their kids to the level of the kitchen counter. Different step stools come with different heights. Some are also adjustable and can stay around in the house for a longer time as they grow along with your child. A few step stools have two steps that provide two different elevations for your child and then there are the ones that are just a single step stool.

Size Of The Platforms

Though kids have small feet, it is important to check if the steps are wide enough to not only fit them, but also be able to carry your child’s weight. This part is slightly scientific but a wider base and a wider step distributes your child’s weight evenly on to the legs of the product thus increasing the stability. With smaller products, the centre of gravity is raised as your child stands on it and runs the risk of toppling the step stool.


While both plastic and wood are used to make step stools, make sure that the product is sturdy enough to hold your child. You wouldn’t want the product to crack and land your child on the floor. Also, make sure that the materials used are BPA free and phthalates free and painted with non-toxic paints which make it safe for a child to use it.

Anti-slip Pads

These are the most important things to check for. The anti slip pads have two placements and both of them are extremely necessary. The first one is on the top of the product which gives a firm grip to your child’s feet and keeps him or her from slipping off the step stool. The second set of anti slip pads are at the bottom of the stools that keep them in one place. Kids can be fidgety and thus the bottom pads absolutely necessary unless there are extended feet at the bottom for enhanced stability.

Carrying Aids

Step stools are a parent’s angel when it comes to teach your child the importance of being independent. However, you would also need to carry it around. While some stools do have cut out areas that act as handles, many do not have proper slots. In addition to you carrying it around, your child may also want to do the same. Some have easy carrying features even for children.

Protective Features

This is an optional thing to check for because you may use step stools for different reasons. The ones used for enabling a child to reach to the level of a kitchen counter or a bathroom sink, it is recommended to have a stool which protects a child from all four sides. This saves the child from falling from a greater height and also keep him or her contained within the step stool. However, if you are using it to give toilet training to your child, you wouldn’t definitely need protections on all four sides. Rather, that would make things uncomfortable for your child. So this particular from the check list solely depends on you and whether it suits your purpose.

FAQ – Step Stool For Toddlers and Kids

What Is The Best Step Stool For Toddlers And Kids?

If you are looking to reduce your hassle of going through the host of online options and the reviews posted here, the best step stool for your little one would be the iLove Step Stool (Gray 2 Pack). The best part about this product is value for money as you get two step stools at a considerably cheaper price. The steps on this product come with anti slip pads, which is definitely a must and as mentioned before, keeps your child from falling off. Also, two steps mean your child has the option of reaching greater heights, literally. The anti slip pads on the bottom give the desired stability and the material used makes it sturdy. This step stool can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even at nursery schools. The manufacturers have carefully placed the features which include a handle that makes it easy to carry the step stool all around the house. The use of BPA free and phthalates free materials also makes it safe for kids.

What Is A Step Stool?

Step stool, as the name suggests, is a stool that helps a child to step on it and reach heights that are otherwise out of bounds for them. It can help them get books from a shelf or look into the mirror while brushing his or her teeth or maybe mount the commode while being given toilet training. Worried about your child’s safety? Well, some step stools come with protections on all sides which keeps them from falling off. They also have anti slip pads that give children an added grip. Some step stools even come with railings to climb the stairs and reach the height. Step stools can also be used as seats for children and its usage in nursery schools around the globe is quite a known fact.

Are Step Stools Good For Toddlers And Kids?

Of course, step stools are good for your child. With an elevation up to your kitchen’s counter, your child may want to help you out with work, which in turn enhances their abilities to understand the importance of being independent and also teaches them how to be independent. The step stools used for imparting toilet training are also scientific. It is said that the posture a child assumes after putting his feet on a step stool while on the commode, makes it the best for a bowel movement and also increased the intestinal exercise resulting in your child’s better health. If you want your child to be that dashing, independent person when he or she grows up, take this first step towards the cause.

Final Verdict

By this time you must have already known why a step stool is a must at your home. You know the reasons to buy, what to look for before buying and which item to procure that suits you and your child’s purpose the best. We have tried to help you out if ways we think it might have helped you. However, the final judge is you yourself. See what suits best and suffices your needs. So what are you waiting for? We have already step stool-trained you. Best of luck with the buying!

Did we miss out anything or do you wish to know anything else? Write to us and we would love to help you out. Do mention which step stool did you buy.

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These step stools help toddlers and kids reach different things in places like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Step stools also help encourage children to feel independent without asking for help and they can also help parents while doing various tasks.

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