Best Places to Get a Personalized Letter From Santa

Would your children enjoy a personalized letter from Santa? Who wouldn’t, right?
A letter from Santa can be so fun to receive. And, here’s a secret. It can be a great way to set expectations for your child as far as what is going to be under the tree on Christmas day.
Some families choose to carry on the tradition of Santa Claus. A jolly man that brings treats and toys to good little girls and boys throughout the year.
During this busy season, I hope you can take time to create memories and enjoy activities together. Kids enjoy these Christmas activities and it gets everyone away from their gadgets for a while.
If you would like to create some excitement for your little ones, here is a list of places where you can get letters from Santa Claus mailed to your children.
5/5 sends a personalized Christmas letter from Santa Claus.
These letters are personalized to include name, age, home town, name of the best friend or relative and to reference special achievements, good behaviour and kindness to others.
They offer FREE Worldwide delivery and letters are printed on special Christmas stationery which has a nice vintage feel.
5/5 offers two great services to bring joy with a message from Santa, i.e. Letter from Santa and Video from Santa.
Letter from Santa is a real letter delivered to your house from Santa Claus.
Video from Santa can surprise your loved ones with a personalized video including their names and photos. Santa will address the recipient personally, see the pictures sent by you and invite them to his magical house.
Elfi Santa donates a portion of their profits with the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation.
5/5 offers three different services to make your Christmas extra special, i.e. Santa Letter, Santa Zoom Video Call, Santa Voice Call and Santa Text.
Santa Letter is a personalized letter which includes age related North Pole stories and comes with a Free North Pole door hanger.
Santa Zoom Video Call is a magical video call over the Zoom. An actor (dressed as Santa!) will do a video call on Zoom with children you love anywhere in the world.
Santa Voice Call is a personal call from Santa. Santa Claus (an actor) will phone a child you love anywhere in the world on any day in December including the Christmas Eve.
Santa Text is a series of 3 custom texts from Santa. Magical series of Texts from Santa will come from Santa himself via exclusive ‘Santa’ network tag. You can choose the exact moment for Santa to text, up to and including Christmas Day.
5/5 sends your child an official personalized Santa package. 
The package includes a Santa Map, Santa’s Nice List, Personalized Letter from Santa and a Nice List Certificate. 
Each of these items is customized with your child’s information. 
5/5 can make kids smile with personalized letters from Santa!
These letters from Santa Claus are truly magical, they some with the authentic North Pole postmark and they are printed on special high quality Christmas stationery. also offers FREE Shipping to your place from the North Pole.
5/5 offers a wide range of personalized letters and certificates for your kids from Santa Claus.
You can order fully customized letter from Santa, Nice List Certificate, Postcards from Santa, Evidence Kits and other gift items for your children and other family members.
5/5 offers unique personalized Christmas Gifts that will make the spirit of the season come to life and feel even more special.
Some of the personalized gifts they offer:
  • Personalized Christmas Ornaments
  • Personalized Christmas Stockings
  • Personalized Christmas Cards
The diverse selection of unique Christmas gifts lets you customize the right present for the right person every time so that everyone on your list can unwrap a smile, whether it’s their very first Christmas or their hundredth.

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