Top 15 Must Have Best Mickey Mouse Books

Most children are drawn towards Mickey Mouse. Though it’s actually a mouse, its smiling face, happy-go-lucky attitude reminds children to be happy which is the primary reason for attraction. Mickey Mouse reminds the adults of their carefree childhood days, the times they had fun and enjoyed basking in the afternoon sun. To the kids, Mickey Mouse teaches the importance of duties and responsibilities. 

While getting to know Mickey Mouse is required, would you like your kids to ogle at the television or the phone throughout the day? While these devices are crucial in our lives, their influence on children can be overwhelming. So why not try a traditional way instead, the  Best Mickey Mouse Books? There are many Mickey Mouse books that you can get for your kids. While all of these are amazing and a worthwhile gift to your toddler, it’s advisable to concentrate on certain things. To that end, this review is going to come in handy.

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Importance of Books For Kids

Many parents are often seen confused about the importance of books in modern time. The innovations, techniques and technological advancements have presented us with some fine devices and gadgets. Amidst these, do paperbacks really matter? Do they have the same importance as they did when we were kids? 

Yes, it does, and to explain it further, we have a few reasons that require your attention.

Preparation for adult life:

The primary goal of reading is to impart knowledge to the kids, Even if your kid is yet to get into the habit of reading on their own, it’s up to the parents to read out to them. Books talk about various morales and lessons, which goes a long way to build their character. This naturally helps them later in life. 

Kids need to learn pre-reading skills, like learning to read from left to right and turn the pages of the books. This helps them to deal better with their school studies and books as well. 

Reading exercises a child’s brain:

Reading to children promotes brain activity and may provide the required push to kick in early reading skills. As per many researchers, special areas of the brain are affected when kids have the practice of reading at home from an early stage. 

Concentration development:

Most children can get very fidgety while reading or when parents are reading to them. More than the story, they might be interested in turning the pages, swapping the book or throwing away the book altogether. But one has to be patient, as reading to toddlers is very important. While it may get very messy and disturbing initially, eventually your child will learn how to concentrate and sit still for a longer period. 

Boost to creativity and imagination:

Reading to children boosts their imagination power. When one connects to books, they can imagine what the characters look like, talk like or are doing. Even if the books describe a place, we can imagine ourselves in that place right at the moment. So there are lots that books can help one do. 

In that light, reading habit teaches kids to imagine, connect and think of vast things right from the early days.

Buying Guide – Mickey Mouse Books

Things To Consider Before Buying Mickey Mouse Books

Be it an offline store or an online store, too many books are sure to create confusion. Buying books for kids is very different from buying books for adults. While an adult can read the gist of a book and decide to buy it, kids books’ are different. 

While buying books for your kids you have to make sure that it’s engaging, attractive and teaches something. Additionally, the content must be appealing and backed by attractive illustrations. Finally, it’s good to select a book which somehow highlights cultural improvement. The following points must be looked into:

Catchy Content:

Children love stores that offer some form of surprise. Thus look for books which have an identifiable character, a captivating storyline and an element of surprise. These are the main ingredients of a worthwhile children storybook. 

Diverse but Accessible Vocabulary:

We do not use a lot of English words while speaking in our daily lives. However, these words exist and can be used to enhance one’s speech or even writing. The only way to expose kids to these words is by encouraging them to read. It has been noted that a children’s book contains three times more are words than an adult will use while interacting with a three-year-old. 

The more the kids hear these words, the more are they to remember them. Thus when your kid asks you to read a story for the Nth number of time, no matter how silly it sounds, or how bored you get, do indulge in their demands. For you are perhaps helping him/her to learn new words. 

Illustrations Are a Must:

Mostly, children notice the illustrations of a book before reading the story.  The picture provides the first link to connect with the book for kids. While you might be reading only the words of the story, your child is sure to be busy with the illustrations. They look into details which you might never notice. 

The best picture books have the words and illustrations complement each other. In fact, the illustrations are crucial for the children storybook since they add quite a bit to the story itself. Many a time, however, the words and the pictures of a  book do not add up. While the pictures say a different thing, the words state yet another. 

Large Font:

Since the children are yet to learn reading in the blink of the eye, they need to see the words better first. Thus, there must be enough space between the words so that the kids can understand the difference. The spacing and font help early beginners to understand how one word is different from the other and is easy-going on their eyes.  Always remember, kids have a very low attention span if they cannot figure out the word due to its size and spacing issue, they will not be interested in reading the story. 

Message Style:

Of course the book you select to buy your kid should have a message to mull over. However, it must be something which children can think about. It’s advisable not to opt for morales which are too complicated.

The Attention Span of Children:

The books you select must lengthen the attention of the children. The amount of text in the book you buy must increase with age. If there are too many words placed right from the start the kids will lose interest. Thus, it is advisable to start with small illustration books. Once your kids start getting used to these books opt for the larger picture books with more words that require a bit more of reading. 

Subject Matter:

The primary idea of book reading is to enhance the knowledge width of children. In that light choose a subject matter that your kid has little or no idea about. This is a great way to enhance your child’s knowledge and get them ready for the vast world around them. It is a good idea to get books about families staying in a foreign land. This way they can learn about different cultures spread across the globe.

Best Mickey Mouse Books – Our Top 15 Recommendations and Reviews

1) Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – I’m Ready to Read With Mickey Sound Book

This is the ideal book that you can gift your child if you want him/her to experience the joy of reading as well as listening. Kids can use the 10 buttons to listen to Mickey Mouse read out a chapter. The printed and spoken words in this book can help develop the vocabulary of your kids in no time. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple stories featuring Mickey, Minnie, Goody and such other characters. 
  • Ideal for new readers
  • The book encourages learning through play and activity
  • Can enhance the vocabulary of young learners
  • Ideal for 3-7-year-olds


  • A predictable reading pattern which is easy for kids to participate in
  • Interactive book
  • Cute stories


  • Small-sized buttons
  • Not made of very sturdy material
  • Prints are not very catchy

2) Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – My First Library Board Book Block 12-Book Set

Let your kid have a gala time with Mickey and friends. This collection of 12 sturdy board books can be your child’s best partner in the hunt of knowledge. The books offer much more than stories. The content includes words, numbers, counting, opposites and much more. All the books are placed in a beautiful colourful case with easy to carry handles so that they can be carried anywhere and hours of learning can be enjoyed. 

Key Features:

  • Look and find activity for entertainment
  • Helps in developing early motor skills
  • Sounding words add to an interactive learning experience
  • Attractive and cute stories
  • Ideal for 4-year-old


  • Attractive for children
  • Kids enjoy playing with the block like books
  • Ideally sized books for kids
  • Short and simple stories 


  • Some complicated stories
  • The case is not made of sturdy material
  • Books do not offer much information

3) Disney Mickey Mouse “My First Books” – Set of 4 Board Books

This is a sturdy set of 4 hardboard books which introduces the kids to the world of Mickey mouse and his friends. These books are ideal to teach your kids about shapes, numbers, colours and alphabets. The My First Books set is easy to handle and store and is sure to keep your kids engaged for long hours. 

Key Features:

  • Set of 4 books
  • The books are ideal to teach kids about shapes, colours, alphabets, numbers and much more
  • Easy to read books, well-illustrated engaging
  • Ideal for 12 months to 10-year-old kids


  • Thin and light books easy for babies to handle
  • Made from sturdy material
  • Age-appropriate books


  • Focuses more on shapes and numbers
  • Not very attractive stories
  • Case is flimsy

4) 5-Minute Mickey Mouse Stories

Kids love cartoon adventures, and if your kid is up for some fun, then these five-minutes Mickey mouse and friends adventure tales are sure to be their favourite. These five-minutes padded storybooks are ideal as bedtime stories, or can be read anytime, anywhere!

Key Features:

  • Ideal for kids between 6-8 years of age
  • Comes with 12 stories
  • Nice padded books
  • Ideal dimension so kids can handle it well


  • Colourful pictures
  • Attention-grabbing stories
  • Thought-provoking stories for kids
  • Nice and softcover
  • Great value products


  • Hard to read as quick stories

5) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Surprise Mirror Sound Book

This book is sure to grab the attention of your kids for a very long time. 10 Play-a-sound buttons engage readers and keep them glued to the book. Help your kids develop their matching, comparing skill , and motor skills as they press and play with the Play-a-Sound buttons. While they listen and sing to these songs, their language skill is sure to get peaked. 

Key Features:

  • Pack of 8 library books
  • Entertaining sound and songbooks
  • Excellent book blocks
  • Hands-on interaction to engage young readers
  • Ideal age range between 3-7 years


  • Perfect gifting option
  • Engaging songs
  • Ideal size for kids
  • Made from sturdy material


  • Lacks storyline and is all about music
  • Batteries need to be replaced frequently

6) Mickey and Minnie’s Storybook Collection

Let your child enjoy the world of Mickey Mouse with a complete collection of fun books. The book is a complete county fair series that kids are sure to love. The stories include Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie. Teach your kids about flying kites and sailing on boats, ideal adventure books for your little ones. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal for kids between 6-8 years of age
  • Multiple engaging stories 
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Best bedtime stories


  • Ideal for gifting
  • Entertaining books
  • Vibrant colours


  • Some dialogues do not match the original personality of the characters

7) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo Choo Express

This book offers a play pattern for preschoolers. It is a lift-the-flap sticker-play adventure which involves Mickey and Friends. The story revolves around a hot day, and Mickey and his gang want to bring back Professor Von Drake’s non-melting snow in the Clubhouse. That’s when  Choo Choo comes to their help. Additionally, with a  few more Mouseketools they complete the task!

Key Features:

  • Ideal for kids between 3-5 years of age
  • Softly padded covers
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Great pop up books


  • Excellent page activities
  • Nice quality book
  • Thick pages
  • Interactive book


  • Flaps are not very sturdy
  • The storyline is not very engaging
  • Not made from very strong material

8) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – My Little First Look and Find Activity Book

This is yet another fun activity book which depicts the adventure of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald Duck. Stroll through the garden, play basketball and explore more adorable fun activities and take part in Look and Fun activities. Once your kids have completed the fun activities, take a look at the back of the book for more look and find activities. Look and find play patterns help kids develop their searching and matching skills thereby helping them develop their development skills. 

Key Features:

  • Hands-on training for practising math and vocabulary skills
  • Additional activities at the back of the book
  • An engaging interactive book with Mickey Mouse and his friends
  • Little ones can explore more fun activities
  • Learn concepts, rhymes, shapes and counting


  • Great first activity book
  • Fun and easy games and learning activities to keep kids engaged
  • Portable sized book


  • Very small book difficult to hold and carry

9) Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – If You’re Happy and You

Join Mickey and his friends as they take up an exciting trip through the jungle, beach and the arctic! However, in addition to the adventure, there is yet another thing that makes this book special! A special button on the book plays the music of If You Are Happy And You Know It! 

Key Features:

  • Hands-on interaction with 4 sound buttons that attract and engage kids
  • Helps kids develop their matching and comparison skills
  • Entertaining Disney character to keep kids entertained
  • Ideal look and find activity book
  • Ideal for 2-year-olds and above


  • Perfectly sized books that kids can handle
  • Ideal gifting option
  • Keeps kids entertained


  • There are no songs from the show
  • Made from flimsy material
  • Song does not have words that kids can sing along

10) Mickey Mouse and His Spaceship

Take a trip to the moon with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends. This book is ideal for kids in the age group of 2 to 5 years old. The book is a classic and your kids are sure to love it. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal to empower the imagination of the kids
  • Attractive and cute
  • A classic that works with Google Home


  • A fun book for kids
  • Heightens the imagination of the kids
  • Works with Google Home and Disney read along


  • A tad bit violent
  • Not a very interesting storyline

11) Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse Board Books Set

This book set features 8 books with stories on Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, Donald duck and much more. The books are beautifully illustrated with amazing stories featuring Mickey and his friend. This is the perfect book to get for your kid if you want to get him/her in the habit of reading. Out of the 8 books, 4 include the adventures of Mickey Mouse and 2 depict Mickey and Minnie adventure stories. 

Key Features:

  • Colourful illustrations that are attractive for kids
  • Ideal books to teach kids the joy of reading
  • The books cover a wide range of topics including alphabets, shapes, colours, numbers and much more. 
  • Ideal for kids beyond the age of 3 


  • Great value pack
  • Hardcover book for young readers
  • Great gifting options


  • Not an engaging storyline
  • Very small book

12) Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Guess Who, Mickey!

This is ideal for kids who like guessing games. This Mickey Mouse book is power-packed with fun activities with a very interesting popup at the end of the book. The guessing games are made even more interesting with Mickey Minne and Donald duck in the picture. The kids can make use of the visual clues and rhymes on the various pages to solve the activities. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal for kids between the age group of 2-5 years
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Easy popup
  • Attractive packaging


  • Movable elements on the book attract readers
  • Very sturdy material
  • Attractive illustrations


  • The pop up at the end of the book is not that sturdy
  • Does not offer a story

13) Gone Fishing – Mickey and The Roadster Racers

Mickey and Goofy are planning to go for a nice and quiet fishing trip when Donald duck and Minne decide to join them, crazy things follow thereafter! This book is ideal for kids and is surely going to keep them engaged as it depicts a super funny story from the classic Disney Junior show, Mickey’s Roadster Racers.

More adventures come up on the road and it’s up to Mickey to save the day making use of his wit and intelligence. 

Key Features:

  • Age group 2-5 years
  • One of the best children classics
  • The book can encourage children both about fishing and reading


  • Well constructed book
  • One of the few very books that have Donald duck stories
  • A great read for kids


  • Does not involve a lot of cars or racing
  • The episodes a too long to keep some kids engaged

14) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – On the Go

This is the ideal book that you can get for your child if he/she is interested in discovering the fascinating world of Mickey, Minnie and his friends. The book has many long activities that are perfect for children and features beloved characters like Minnie, Donald and Goofy. 

Key Features

  • The age range is for 4 years and above
  • Search point and match activities
  • Comparison-making activities
  • Simple directions for kids to follow
  • Shapes and colour identification
  • Teaches counting
  • Offers sound and songs


  • Perfectly sized for travel
  • Very engaging book
  • Illustrations keep kids busy


  • Some parents found the size of the book to be very small

15) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Little Steering Wheel

This book is ideal for kids who enjoy fast cars and racing. The story is about how Mickey saves Goofy and Pluto by driving a fast car! The book has been crafted for ultimate fun as it comes with an attached steering wheel which your kids can turn and play with while listening to the story. The story involves the favourite Disney characters like Pluto, Daisy, Minnie and Donald Duck. The books offer 6 buttons with 8 dashboard sounds!  Let your kids join in the fun!

Key Features:

  • Hands-on interaction that engages the kids
  • The book offers multisensory reading experience and empowers the imagination of the readers
  • Pictures offer matching sounds to develop the concentration of the kids
  • Age range- 4 years 


  • Cute book
  • Engaging story
  • Perfectly sized to fit in the hands of the toddlers

What does Mickey Mouse teach kids?

Parents go a long way to keep their kids happy and engaged. Thus they buy toys, mickey mouse books and other things that their kids will enjoy spending time with. But as parents, the onus falls on you to know that the things that you are getting for your child have some sort of teaching to offer. Be it toys or books, each item a child plays with must in some way contribute to their physical, mental or emotional growth. 

In that light, Mickey and his friends have been playing a very important role since 1928! Mickey mouse teaches a few very important lessons to kids, and some of them are as follows:


Mickey always shows an upbeat attitude about life and all the situations he faces. While others look at the negatives and wonder how things can go downhill, Mickey focuses only on the positive. This is a very important lesson, which even adults must learn from Mickey.

Being proactive:

Whenever Mickey confronts a problem he is quite quick to come up with a solution. There are multiple tools in his clubhouse that helps him to deal with any situation that arises. Being proactive is a very important trait that must be instilled in kids from the early days so that they grow up to be solution-oriented. 

Importance of Being Patient:

In many stories, Mickey’s friends try his patience. However, Mickey is very slow to get angry. He tries to handle all situations as calmly as possible and always with a smile. This is yet another virtue that kids must learn from Mickey. 

Polite attitude:

While rudeness is rampant in the current times, it’s important to be polite and Mickey lives up to that. He is always a gentleman and never does he get rude with anyone. This is something that must be sowed into the character fibre of kids right for the early days so that they can grow up to be fine individuals. 

Listening to Parents:

Though we do not find a lot of books that feature an authoritative figure in Mickey’s life, there are a few in which Mickey has to listen to his father. Through these books and movies Mickey teaches kids that even though kids may not like it, they have to listen to their parents since it’s for their own good. 

Taking Care of Pets:

Pluto is Mickey’s dog and his best friend and Mickey takes excellent care of Pluto. This is an important lesson for kids who want a pet. Taking responsibility of your pets is something that kids should learn if they want any to accompany them. 

Final Verdict:

There are multiple Mickey mouse books out there, but we have shortlisted the best ones here. However, the book you choose will depend on the type of story your kids will love and enjoy. So choose well, and let your kids have some fun time with Mickey and Friends. However, do remember to select a  book that offers development activities and interactive play. After all, the idea of book reading is to learn something new.

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Mickey Mouse character has been popular among the people of all the ages for decades. These Mickey Mouse books are the perfect way of educating kids using these activities and storybooks.

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