Best Rated Fire Truck Toys For Toddlers – Top 11 Reviews

Did you know hundreds of years ago, when fire trucks were not invented, the law of the land made it compulsory for people to keep a bucket of water on the stairway leading to their houses?

The law was made to help the Bucket Brigade, a volunteer firefighting organization set up by Benjamin Franklin. In case a fire broke out, the Bucket Brigade would form a human chain to pass the buckets to the source of the fire. Clever thinking but thankfully, with the invention of fire trucks, fighting the fire has become easier.

Fire trucks attract kids and there’s no doubt about it. From the bright red colour to the hooting sirens, kids seem to love everything about them. So how about gifting your child a fire truck toy? Not only will they be engaged with it, but the toy will also give them a hang about how a fireman saves the day.

In a Rush? Have a Look at These Reviews of the Best Fire Truck Toys For Toddlers

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Best Fire Truck Toys For Toddlers – Our Top 11 Recommendations and Reviews

Choosing the best fire truck toy for your child can be a difficult task. That’s why we have shortlisted 11 of the choicest ones from a vast variety of online options. From which toy has the best features to which burns less battery, here’s a quick guide to allow you to decide properly.

1) WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy with Stunning 3D Lights and Sirens

Apart from moving forward, this fire truck toy can move backward as well. With a host of lights and sound effects, this product is ideal for your child to play with. It works on any flat surface and can also rotate 360°.

Product Features:

  • This toy fire truck comes with real headlights along with 3D flashing lights
  • This product has functional siren sounds and real-time situational sounds
  • An inbuilt bump and go action makes the fire truck toy change its direction if it hits an obstacle
  • Ideal for kids above three years


  • This fire truck toy allows kids to role-play as firemen
  • The flashy lights are attractive for a child and engage him or her more
  • When the lights are put off inside a room, the 3D lights along with the siren and real-time sounds creates an atmosphere of a real situation and helps a child to understand the life of a fireman
  • When the features are turned off, the toy fire truck can be used by kids as just a toy vehicle when they can create their own situations of saving the day
  • This toy helps build a child’s motor skills and also helps in developing the brain by educating him or her about a real-time fire truck


  • The toy does not have proper ground clearance, makes it difficult to play on carpet floors
  • The material used to make the toy is flimsy

2) Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck and Figure

Remember the 2013 animated series on Nickelodeon where a team of doggies led by a 10-year-old tech-savvy kid saves the people of Adventure Bay? Well, even if you don’t, this toy is the ultimate fun for your child. This toy is a part of the other merchandise of Paw Patrol the cartoon.

Product Features:

  • This toy fire truck has working wheels
  • It comes with a toy puppy called Marshall
  • The fire truck toy has a moveable ladder
  • Ideal for kids between 3 to 5 years
  • Runs on batteries
  • This toy is a part of a collection and the other fire trucks include characters like Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, and Ryder


  • The make of the toy is quite sturdy
  • This fire truck moves front, back and rotates 360°
  • The small size makes it easy to store this toy truck
  • It provides a child endless imaginative play
  • This toy too helps build a child’s motor skills


  • Has no feature of lights
  • Marshall, the character that comes with this toy, does not fit in its place properly and keeps falling off the vehicle
  • The ladder does not extend and only rotates around an axis

3) Green Toys’ BPA Free Fire Truck

Made from recycled milk jugs, this toy gives your child the perfect opportunity to role play as a fireman and create his own situations. The best part is it needs no battery to operate. Your child can simply move the truck around and imagine situations to save the day.

Product Features:

  • The toy has a movable ladder on the top and two removable ones on the sides
  • Made from BPA, phthalates, or PVC free material
  • Ideal for kids above one year old
  • The toy comes in an environment friendly packaging


  • It increases a child’s gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Develops pincer grip
  • Safe material used
  • Easy to clean toy in the dishwasher
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play


  • Lacks sounds and lights
  • The ladder on top does not extend
  • Less number of features

4) Play-Doh Wheels Firetruck Toy

Unlike other fire truck toys, this one gives a child the option of being more creative with the use of plasticine to create water and shapes to create different situations. This product needs no battery to operate.

Product Features:

  • This toy comes with five cans of coloured compounds, also known as plasticine, made by the well-known company Play-Doh
  • The toy truck comes with wheels and can be used as a car toy but the actual highlights are the water cannon and the press behind the truck that create strands of water made of plasticine and other shapes
  • The water cannon has a turning wheel to squeeze out the plasticine dough
  • The press behind the truck is easy to use and can be used to make the dough into fine thin strands
  • The sides of the truck have molds to make other shapes and badges


  • This toy gives a child the opportunity to role play and make up his or her own story to make and be the saviour of the day
  • Gives a child endless options to make up stories
  • The play scissor helps children to build their cutting skills
  • Unlike other toys that do not shoot anything from the water cannon, this one gives a child a real-time feel as the water compound, which resembles actual water because of its colour, comes out of the hose


  • The Play-Doh water compound gets stuck inside the cannon
  • During the next play, the hardened stuck water compound gets pushed out and mixes with the fresh dough
  • Since the plasticine gets stuck, if during the next use you use a different colour through the same outlet, the colours get mixed

5) Zetz Brands Electric Fire Truck Kids Toy

With both 3D and 4D lights along with real sounds of siren, this toy truck creates an atmosphere for a child to play. It runs on any platform and can move both forward and backward. The light and sound features can be switched off and the truck can be used as a simple car toy.

Product Features:

  • The toy fire truck has lights that get projected on the walls
  • The sirens create a real-time situation
  • The bump and go action makes it move around endlessly and the moment the toy hits a wall, it moves around and changes the direction
  • This toy runs on batteries (three AA batteries)
  • Ideal for kids above three years old


  • The lights engage a child for a longer time
  • Develops gross and fine motor skills
  • Can be used even after switching off lights
  • Allows a child to role play as a fireman


  • The stickers on the sides come off easily
  • Not enough ground clearance makes it difficult to play on carpet floors
  • The material used is flimsy

6) Funerica Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sounds

This fire truck toy comes with four different siren sounds and lights. It also has an extendable ladder that can be moved around just like the real fire trucks. An ideal toy for your child as it comes with a lot of features and engages him or her for a longer time.

Product Features:

  • Flashy lights and four different siren sounds through four buttons in this toy makes it all the more realistic
  • The vehicle is a push and plays truck that works on any surface
  • Unlike in other products, the ladder in this toy can be extended to resemble a real one
  • The makers also provide five toy figures with this toy
  • Ideal for kids above three years old


  • Different sounds engage with longer
  • Teaches a child cause and effect as he or she pushes the toy around
  • Enhances gross and fine motor skills of a child
  • The toy allows a child to imagine situations and play accordingly


  • The extendable ladder isn’t strong enough to hold the characters
  • The toy burns batteries quickly
  • The material used is flimsy

7) TEMI Diecast Emergency Fire Rescue Vehicle Toy Set

This is not just a single piece fire truck but an entire set of seven firefighting vehicles and a fabric play mat that provides a child with a painting of a small town with streets in it. The vehicles need no batteries and a child can play by simply pushing the vehicles to the places marked on the mat. Apart from a fun time, this game set develops early educational skills in a child.

 Product Features:

  • There are seven different firefighting vehicles that include a fire helicopter, two different water cannon vehicles, an ambulance, a fire car, a ladder truck and a carrier truck
  • The game set includes a total of 20 pieces and apart from the vehicles, there are construction signs, cones and roadblocks
  • It includes play mat made of a soft, non-woven fabric with a realistic scene of a shop, fire station, oil station, restaurant and much more
  • Ideal for kids above three years old
  • The game set is ideal for two to four players to play together


  • The vehicles are made of high quality ABS, eco-friendly plastic and zinc alloy that are 100% Safe and non-toxic, BPA and lead free
  • Develops a child’s independent personality, promotes practical abilities and thinking abilities
  • The mat provides a child with a real situation and helps him understand how firefighting is carried out in towns and cities
  • Engages a child for hours together
  • The other versions of the game set includes construction, city police and racing cars
  • Combining the four versions together, gives your child a bigger play area and a lot of vehicles to handle


  • The quality of the vehicles is not very good
  • Folding the mat results into creases

8) JOYIN 10 in 1 Die-cast Mini Rescue Emergency Fire Truck Toy Set

This toy is a collection of 10 different firefighting vehicles that fit in one carrier truck. With unique designs, the individual cars can also be used as cake toppers. Perfect for imaginative play, this game set needs no battery to run.

Product Features:

  • There are 10 different firefighting vehicles apart from the carrier truck which are a rescue helicopter, ambulance, lifting truck, pickup truck, fire minivan, fire tanker, armored car and fire engine vehicles
  • The main carrier truck has a front load portion where one vehicle can be stored
  • All the vehicles are push and play
  • The game set is ideal for kids above three years old


  • The vehicles are small enough to fit inside a child’s pocket and enable him to carry it with him
  • The material used is non-toxin
  • The game set increases hand-eye coordination and helps in early education
  • Storing the vehicles is easy as all of them fit inside the main carrier truck


  • The quality of the vehicles is flimsy
  • The attached parts on the vehicles come off easily

9) Gizmovine Fire Truck Toy Friction Power with Lights and Sounds

This fire truck toy looks extremely realistic with features that are present in real fire engines. It comes with four different sounds and lights and the best part is the extendable ladder that looks similar to a real one.

Product Features:

  • The different sounds include that of ignition, backing, siren and a real-time firefighting situation
  • The truck has pull back wheels which makes it easy to operate
  • The extendable ladder unfolds at angles and swivels, making it look like a real one and also has a basket to carry toy firemen
  • The ladder can be moved 360°
  • Ideal for kids above two years old


  • The toy develops manipulative ability, motor skills, quick mind and creativity
  • Allows a child to engage in imaginative play
  • The realistic sounds helps a child understand a real-time fire situation
  • The truck works on almost any surface


  • The sounds last only for a few seconds
  • The stickers peel off easily
  • The material is flimsy

10) Tonka Rescue Force Lights and Sounds Police Car (Fire Truck)

Though this toy truck does not have many features, it is good for beginners who have just started getting the idea of firefighting. The toy has functioning lights and sound and can be simply pushed around to play with it.

Product Features:

  • The toy has flashy lights like a real fire truck
  • There are three different sounds to give a real-time feel
  • The toy has a swiveling ladder that moves 360°


  • Builds gross and motor skills
  • The sounds provide a practical feel
  • Packaging of the toy makes it easy to put away after play


  • The make is not very hardy
  • The stickers come off easily
  • The packaging does not confirm if the plastic used is non-toxic

11) SKYTEAM Action Fire Engine Ride-On

This is not just a random fire truck that can be pushed to play with. Rather, it is something your child can actually ride! With a seat for a child and joysticks to move around the ladders, this ride-on toy is a real fun for children.

Product Features:

  • The toy has flashy lights that resemble real fire trucks
  • The control stick or the joystick moves the crane up and down, right and left
  • There is a nozzle at the tip of the ladder and it can squirt water
  • The features are accompanied by siren sounds
  • Ideal for kids above three years old
  • The features run on four C type batteries


  • The size of the truck is bigger than the other toys, giving it a more realistic look
  • The unique ride-on feature gives a child full control over the toy
  • The squirting feature teaches a child how real fires are extinguished
  • The toy develops gross and motor skills
  • Develops a child’s knowledge about a fire situation in a better manner


  • The plastic body is not very durable
  • The toy drains batteries too quickly
  • The stickers on the sides peel off too easily

Buying Guide – Fire Truck Toys For Toddlers

Things To Consider Before Buying Fire Truck Toys

As a parent, you would always want to buy the perfect toy for your child. Even while gifting it to someone else’s child, the best choice is always wisest. However, with so many available online options, choosing the best fire truck toys for toddlers can be a difficult task. However, here is a list of things that you should keep in mind before buying a fire truck toy for your little one.

Check for the features

Many fire truck toys do not have a lot of features in them. While some just look like fire trucks, others have minimum features to actually keep a child engaged. Fire trucks that come with attractive lights and sounds are always better than simple ones. More features not only keep a child busy but also educate him or her about a real-time fire situation. For example, if a toy has a normal ladder that does not move, a child will not be able to understand how the real one rescues people from a fire. As spoken about earlier, educative toys are always better as the aim is to prepare a child in the proper manner for the future.

Check for material used

Most of the toys these days are made of plastic. But is the plastic used in your child’s toy safe for use? Always look for the certification of the plastic material used in the toy. It is usually mentioned on the packaging of the toy. The ideal plastic toy for your child should be the one that is BPA free, formaldehyde-free, phthalate-free and made of recyclable plastic. It goes without saying that children have a habit of putting things in their mouths. Making sure that your child’s toy is non-toxic, thus helps him or her stay healthy.

Battery usage

Most of the fire truck toys use batteries to operate, the most common being AA batteries. However, not all toys use them up in the best possible manner. The general idea is to see which toy uses the least battery to run the features. Though the option of switching off the features is always available, this might bore your child after a while. The common belief is that more the features, more the usage. However, this is the wrong way to look at it. Some fire truck toys have features that include flashing lights and sounds but use less battery.

The durability of the toys

Kids often play rough, period. You cannot expect your child to go soft on toys and thus, it is very important to check if the toy you are buying is durable enough to handle the rough use. While most of the makers claim that their products are hardy, in most cases, they are hardly close to being strong. With plastic as the preferred material, the risk of a toy being flimsy is higher. Parents often complain that the toys have broken within a short period of time or the parts are not of good quality. To avoid the hassle of returning a toy for its flimsy make, always choose the one that is hardy and can endure your child’s rough handling.

FAQ – Fire Truck Toys

What is the best fire truck toy for toddlers?

If you are looking to reduce your hassle of going through the reviews, the best fire truck toy for your child is the WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy. This fire truck toy comes with flashy lights and real siren sounds. The best part about this toy is that it comes with a real-time situational sound that resembles firemen talking on walky-talkies in order to extinguish a fire. This toy has a bump and goes feature in it which keeps the fun on for a longer time as it changes direction the moment it hits an obstacle. Worried about burning batteries? Well, you may also turn off the lights and sounds and still your child can play with the truck by pushing it around. This toy needs no control at all when the features are on and can entertain a child for hours together. In a dark room, the flashy lights create a different atmosphere and engage a child further.

How much should a good fire truck toy cost?

This depends on what features a fire truck toy has. More the features, the higher the price. However, the focus should be on whether a fire truck toy is educative or not.

Are fire truck toys good for kids?

Toys keep a child engaged and if a toy is educative, it teaches a child while keeping him entertained. Firetruck toys act as the best gifts because they teach about a fire situation and how our brave firemen extinguish the fire. These toys allow kids to role-play as firemen and in turn, be the hero himself or herself. Firetruck toys also enable kids to imagine situations that brush up their creative skills. But most importantly, they build a child’s gross and motor skills.

What age kids can use fire truck toys?

While the basic ones can be played with by kids above one year old, it is advisable to give the advanced fire trucks to kids above two years old. However, there are some toys that the manufacturers’ advice to provide to kids above three years of age. The logic is simple. If your child is too small to even understand what a fire is, then he or she will not learn anything. The aim of giving a child the best fire truck toy is to educate him in a proper manner about the life of a fireman and how fire can be fought. It is also advisable that while a child is at play, initially at least one parent should sit with them and teach them about what a fire truck is.

Final Verdict

It is not easy for a parent when it comes to buying the perfect thing for their little angel. There are a lot of options out there to choose from among the best fire truck toys for toddlers. Features that attract, educate and enthrall. But the final judge is you yourself. Go out and see what suits your and your child’s purpose the best. So what are you waiting for? All the best!

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These fire truck toys are one of the very few vehicle model toys that can grab children’s attention because of their flashing lights and sirens. These firetruck toys are suitable for babies and toddlers.

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