Best Rated Baby Wipes Warmer Dispenser – Top 10 Reviews

Parenting is not as easy as it looks. Though some parents make it seem effortless, all parents need a versatile “bag of tricks” to keep the baby safe, happy and satisfied. In addition to food, diapers, toys, change of clothes, another item that must be placed in your baby tour kit are baby wipes. Baby wipes are essentially handy as it helps to clean out the mess created by the baby, make diaper change hassle-free, and in general, looks after the basic baby skincare. 

When baby wipes are being discussed, most people refer to cold wipes as those are the most popular ones. However, recent studies have proved that cold wipes do more harm than good. These wipes tend to make way for rashes and infection and thus, must be avoided. Under such circumstances, it is essential to look into a few best baby wipe warmer that heats the cloth or disposable wipe to an optimal temperature before using the same on the baby. 

However, like buying other baby products, getting your hands on the perfect baby wipe warmer will require some consideration. You will have to look into a few points to choose a product that suits your needs.

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Buying Guide – Baby Wipes Warmer Dispenser

Things To Consider Before Buying Baby Wipes Warmer

Size of the product

This is the first thing to consider before buying a baby wipe warmer. The capacity of the product is essential to check. In simple terms, the capacity refers to the number of wipes the disperser can handle at a time. Generally, a warmer’s capacity ranges between 10-100. This opens up a wide variety of options that you can look into. 

Different Type of Wipes

In general, two varieties of wipes are available in the market. These are cloth wipes and disposable wipes. Mostly, parents prefer to opt for the disposable ones, and thus it’s advisable to select a wipe warmer which is tailored for such varieties of clothes. However, there are certain parents, who are more comfortable with cloth wipes. Even such people will have to get hold of a dispenser that can handle reusable wipes. In other words, it’s essential to determine which type of wipes you will be using before you can buy the warmer. 

Level and Heating Capacity

The choice of the dispenser will also depend on the heating capacity and the temperature range that keeps the wipes warmer for a long time. Most of the products available in the market have their temperature range and its ideal to have an idea about this to get the best suitable product for your kid. 


While buying a baby wipe warmer, it’s important to ensure that the product is made out of safe materials that are BPA-free. Additionally, it’s also essential to look for the warming mechanism. This mechanism must meet the standard safety order and precaution. 

Usability Option

It’s important to buy a product that is easy to use. Since this is a product that you will be using daily, and frequently, it’s important that it functions with ease and does not have many complicated features. In that light, it’s important to select a dispenser which is not only easy to fill up with wipes but is also easy to maintain and clean. Such products are of premium quality and offer great hygienic options. 

Anti-Microbial Treatment

As new products are launching in the market, new features are making their way as well. The anti-microbial feature is one such. Anti-microbial added interior is an-add on and can be opted for if one requires additional safety. 

Viewing Window

Some baby wipe dispensers come with a viewing window. Though this feature is not mandatory, it helps one know how many wipes are left in the dispenser. This is a very helpful feature as it never gives the chance of running out of warm wipes. Ideal for travel, the viewing window makes it easy to keep an account on the wipes and refill them when required. 

Onboard Lighting System

Babies need diapers changed Nth number of times in a day. At least for the first few months, parents have to be ready with diapers all the time to tackle the poop monster. However, babies have a short sleep period, one moment of disturbance can kill their sleep for the night. Thus having harsh lights turned on in the room can affect their sleep and also those present in the room. Thus, its ideal to opt for a baby wipe dispenser which comes with in-built light. Wipe warmers with onboard lights make the use of this product simple and easy even at night. 

The Mechanism Of Warming

The heating mechanism of all the Best Baby Wet Wipes Warmer Dispenser available in the market vary. While some products generate heat from the top of the dispenser, others generate heat from the bottom surface. However, the heating mechanism does not affect the functioning of the product, thus both of them produce the same results. However, sometimes, problems are faced by the dispensers that generate heat from the bottom. The wipes in these machines have to be replaced from time to time owing to the moist pillow or sponge present in the product.

Benefits Of Using Baby Wipes Warmer Dispenser

Parents only buy baby products when they are aware of their use and are fully satisfied that it’s going to help their baby in some way. Be it toys or a baby warmer, new parents have to be convinced about the benefits before they buy a product. In that light, here are a few benefits of a baby wipe warmer which makes it a must-have in the household:

  • The baby wipe dispenser helps a parent or a caregiver to keep the baby clean, safe and dry
  • The product helps to heat the baby wipes to an ideal temperature
  • The dispenser helps to keep the baby wipes healthy without drying it out. 
  • Since the product heats the baby wipe, it destroys the harmful bacteria and microorganisms present in the wipes

Best Baby Wipes Warmer Dispenser – Our Top 10 Recommendations and Reviews

After careful consideration and thorough research, we have selected eleven products that you can look into if you are considering buying a baby wipe warmer.

1) Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

Parents generally do not wash their baby’s face with cold water, especially at night. So why wipe them with cold wipes, when you can give them a warm touch? The product is designed perfectly and is ideal for both boys and baby girls. The product is very contemporary and is a must-have if you wish to keep your baby warm and happy. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal product for continuous fresh wipes
  • The product offers a high capacity storage facility
  • Comes accompanied by low voltage power adapter and safety fuse
  • Built-in charging light that gives soft illumination
  • The night light automatically switches off in 10 minutes


  • Excellent customer service
  • Keeps wipes warm for long
  • Looks cute
  • Does not dry out the wipes


  • Not compatible with a few baby wipe brands
  • Not good for water-based wipes
  • Wipe cools out quite fast

2) Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer with an Integrated Nightlight

This product keeps the wipes fresh and warm, thereby ensuring the perfect skincare for the kids. The product offers anti-microbial protection. Both the tub and the pillow are treated with EPA approved additives to prevent any spoilage or mildew formation. The product is ideal for keeping the wipes moist and also protects them against any discoloration. 

Key Features:

  • Excellent moisture retention capability
  • Prevention against browning, discoloration and mildew formation
  • Offers excellent antimicrobial properties


  • Keeps the wipes warm
  • Ideal for cloth wipes
  • Well priced


  • The top dispenser does not work for certain brands of wipes
  • Wipes dry out quickly
  • The fresh pad that comes with the product has to be dampened once a week

3) Tuut Sleek Baby Diaper Wipe Warmer & Wipes Dispenser

This product makes the wipes hotter, unlike other products which do not even heat the wipes to room temperature. With this product handy, parents will not have to bother the kids at night with ice-cold wipes. Happy kids and thus happy parents!

Key Features:

  • Eliminates the tingling and chilly feeling caused by cold wipes. Keep the kids well hydrated at night with warm wipes
  • Fits different sized wipes easily
  • Can store up to 80 wipes at a time
  • An effective moisture-locking formula that keeps the wipes moist and warm
  • Eco-friendly and low voltage product
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • The product offers diapers hot enough to last the entire diaper change process
  • Easy to clean
  • Lack of wet sponge eliminates the scope of anti-bacteria formation


  • The lid on top breaks 
  • Water spills caused when the whole lid is opened
  • Wipes dry out if there is low water

4) Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer

These wipes are for those parents who are always on the go. A blowout can happen anytime, be it at the park, the store or in the car. Thus it’s ideal to be prepared with this amazing baby wipe warmer that offers a travel-friendly design. 

Key Features:

  • Includes a car adapter and a wall plug
  • Warms wipe easily at home or in the car
  • Offers an anti-microbial interior
  • Can store up to 30 wipes
  • Can keep the wipes warm for an hour after unplugging


  • Compact design
  • Ideal for travel
  • Does not dry out the wipes


  • Has a very bright light
  • Does not store a lot of wipes at a time
  • It does not have a rechargeable battery

5) GoGo Pure Baby Wipes Warmer and Dispenser With 4 Auto Off LEDs

A premium quality product customized to meet standards set by third-party testing lab BV (Bureau Veritas). The product offers Bright 4 LED Ample Lights that make diaper change at night easy and smooth. The best part about the product is that it offers a two heat setting which can be adjusted as per choice. 

Key Features:

  • Two heat setting
  • Bright night light
  • Can hold up to 100 wipes
  • Viewing window to check on the number of wipes left
  • Can be configured into a movable holder


  • Ideal to keep kids warm
  • Simple and easy to follow instructions
  • Does not dry out the wipes


  • Does not hold many wipes at a time
  • Latch pops open
  • Wipes get too cold in the lower setting
  • It is very easy to hit the setting button and change the same accidentally 

6) GoGo Pure Baby Wet Wipes Warmer, Dispenser and Holder with Easy Press On/Off Switch

This product comes with an easy on/off design and can store up to 100 wipes. That means you do not have to plug it in or out. Just press the button to get the warmer started or to turn it off. The warmer offers an easy flip-top silicon clasp which makes it easy to pull out the wipe. Additionally, the product operates on low voltage and is guaranteed to keep your baby warm and happy. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to use design
  • Stores up to 100 wipes
  • Has a viewing window
  • Flip-top silicon lid keeps the wipe warm and moist 


  • Affordable product
  • Cute design
  • Keeps wipes moist
  • Premium quality


  • Wipes get a tad bit hot
  • Faulty locks
  • Difficult to pull out the wipes

7) Eccomum Baby Wipe Warmer with Soft Lighting

This product keeps the baby safe, moist and fresh at all times. Additionally, it provides effective protection against contamination at the same time. The wipes kept in this warmer are very close to the body temperature of the baby and thus do not startle them. Finally, the product accommodates wipes from all brands. 

Key Features:

  • Offers even and a quick overall heating
  • Has a large capacity and an ideal temperature
  • Freshness lock
  • Energy-efficient product
  • Safe to use


  • The product keeps wipes warm at all times
  • Ideally designed to store a large number of wipes
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Constant temperature can be maintained


  • Wipes dry out soon
  • Browns a few wipes

8) Bubos Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser with Advanced LED Night Light

The product is perfectly designed to accommodate baby wipes from all brands. The wipe warmer runs on low voltage and keeps the wipe warm without browning. Unlike a few other products, the night light is not very harsh. It gives a light glow and automatically turns off after ten minutes, the estimated time for a diaper change. 

Key Features:

  • Top Heat Design- Wipes placed on the top are warmest
  • Silicon seal keeps the moisture locked and the wipes from drying
  • The top to bottom heating system prevents browning of the wipes


  • Cleaning the product is very easy
  • Temperature setting can be changed when required
  • Premium quality


  • The sidelocks are not sturdy
  • Wipes at the bottom do not heat up fast
  • Keeps wipes moist and warm only in Highest setting

9) Kekele Baby Wipe Warmer Dispenser with Soft Lighting

This is yet another product that makes use of a top-to-bottom heating process. The warmer keeps the wipes moist and dry at all times without the worry of browning. If a bottom heating process was used then the wipes at the bottom could have been browned. Additionally, such a heating process would have charred paper towels, hurting the baby. The innovative seal lock of the product keeps the wipes moist and warm

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry
  • Can store wipes from all brands 
  • Possible to stock up a week’s supply of wipes easily
  • No need to remove the lid to take out the wipes. 
  • Designed perfectly to pull out the wipes when required


  • Travel-friendly product
  • Affordable 
  • Wipes do not burn or brown
  • Simple and easy to use design


  • Buttons are not that sturdy
  • Straps to secure the wipes are too tight
  • The electrical cord is very small

10) NCVI Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser with Three Speed Temperature Adjustment LCD Display

A must-have product for mothers who have to travel frequently. The product can be easily placed in the car and can be prepared for frequent travels. The product can store wipes from all brands. There is no need to take off the plastic covering from the wipes to prevent dust from entering the wipes. No more worrying about too hot wipes, as the temperature of the product can be changed and controlled. 

Key Features:

  • The 24-hour heating cycle keeps the wipes warm all day long
  • Water has to be added once every 7days
  • The magnetic cover provides dust protection
  • Made from BPA free, non-toxic, odorless material which is safe for the baby


  • Gets the wipes a little wet
  • Pretty design
  • The wet wipes feel like hand spa, keeps the hands soft
  • Fits in wipes from all brands


  • The plug is not flat
  • The temperature often does not reach the set temperature

How To Use A Baby Wipe Warmer?

If you have not used a baby wipe warmer before, then you might find it hard to use it initially. However, the following tips can make it easy for you to use the product. 

Step 1:

Fill in the baby wipe warmer with an appropriate number of baby wipes as mentioned in the product instruction. Most of the baby wipe warmers state the exact number of wipes that can be fitted in it. It’s essential to follow this instruction for the best results. 

Step 2:

Plugin the warmer to the socket unless it’s battery operated. Some products allow users to set the temperature. If your baby wipe warmer provides that option, then select the desired temperature. 

Step 3:

Wait for some time and then you will get nice warm and moist wipes to keep your baby happy and comfortable during a diaper change. 

Tips To Maintain Baby Wipe Warmers:

Even if you buy the best baby wipe warmer in the market, it is sure to malfunction if you do not take proper care of the product. Sometimes it’s negligence or the sheer lack of knowledge which leads to a broken baby wipe warmer. Thus it’s necessary to follow a few basic steps to ensure that the warmer lasts for a considerable amount of time. 

Avoid overfilling:

Most warmers provide clear instructions about the number of wipes that can be put in the warmer at a time. Overfilling the warmer with excess wipes can result in uneven heating, seal breakage, lock damage and browning. Additionally, it also becomes difficult to retrieve the wipes if the unit is overloaded. In such cases, it may not be always possible to store all the wipes in the warmer at a time. So it’s ideal to store the rest of the wipes in a ziplock bag to be used later. 

Water addition:

A few warmers available in the market recommend water addition to the wipes to keep them from drying. However, the frequency of water addition varies from one product to the other. While some require water addition every other day, other products might require additional water with every refill. However, a pro tip can be to add more water when condensation forms on the other side of the retrieval door. 

Don’t forget to unplug when not in use:

If you are traveling or not using the warmer for more than 24 hours for some reason, then it is a good idea to unplug it. Leaving the product plugged in and unattended for long hours might result in dry wipes, overheating of the product and a chance of fire. 

FAQ – Baby Wipes Warmer Dispenser

What is the best baby wipe warmer?

Wipe Warmer Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser with Soft Lighting, Large Capacity, Top and Quickly Overall Heating, Super Silent, Perfect Wipe Temperature is one of the best baby wipe warmers that you can get your hands on. The product uses a top heating process, which keeps the wipes placed on the top warm and wet. The product also has a night light arranged which can be used for a diaper change at night. 

Are wipe warmer good for babies?

Indeed, they are. On a cold night, it becomes a torture to put your baby through a diaper change with cold wipes. Kids wake up and find it very difficult to go back to sleep. A wipe warmer keeps the baby comfortable with warm wipes. 

What is a baby wipe warmer?

Baby wipe warmers are small devices which help to keep the wipes warm. During a diaper change, babies get uncomfortable with cold wipes, a baby wipe warmer keeps the babies warm. It can store up to a week’s worth of wipes which make every diaper change easy. 

How to use baby wipes warmer?

Usually, you can put the entire pack of wipes in the baby wipe warmer, add some water in it and plug the system. 

How to clean baby wipe warmer?

It’s ideal to use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe the interior of the warmer so that no bacteria buildup can take place. Since the wipes are to be used on your baby, it’s essential to keep the warmer clean at all times. 

Final Verdict

Parenting entails a lot of responsibility. It is up to the parents to keep their baby comfortable even if that means keeping their tushy clothes warm. Indeed for new parents, the number of choices available is downright overwhelming, however, it’s up to you to choose what is best for your child. 

Baby Wipes Warmer Dispenser
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These baby wipe warmer dispensers will keep your babies wipes warm, wet and germ-free. These wipe warmers are suitable to be used for babies and toddlers and most come with multiple temperature settings and support car charger power outlets as well.

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