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Raising a baby has its own set of challenges. In addition to providing the right amount of nutrition, parents have to focus on the all-around development of their little darling. This would include their mental development, emotional development, and motor skill development. These are some crucial benchmarks that must be met. While there are multiple ways to teach your child these finer things, the process must begin early, and the easiest way to go about it is by using an activity table. 

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Most activity tables have a wide variety of toys that keep the baby engaged. Additionally, these toys play a crucial role in the development of motor skills for the baby. Babies within the age of 6-12 months are curious by nature. They get intrigued by new smells, textures, light, and sound. This in-built curiosity helps them learn about the different things around them. An activity table is the safest way for babies to explore their surroundings. Thus if you have a baby at home, an activity table placed right next to him/her is essential. To that end, here is everything that you need to know before you go out to buy the perfect activity table for your little darling. Additionally, there are a few best activity tables to look into. We hope this helps you with the purchase.

Buying Guide – Baby Activity Learning Table

Things To Consider Before Buying An Activity Learning Table

As new parents, buying something for your little angel can be overwhelming. A similar situation is faced by parents who decide to buy an activity table for the first time. The sheer options available in the stores can be confusing. However, a checklist of the details and features to look into can make the process comparatively easy and less tedious. 

The Child’s Age:

This is the first checkpoint that must be met. Even before you decide to buy an activity table, find out if it’s suitable for your baby’s age. There are certain types of activity tables that are ideal for older kids since they offer advanced activities and features. 

To provide your child with the maximum amount of entertainment and to keep them engaged for long, choose an age-appropriate activity table. 

Activities Available:

The primary purpose of an activity table is to keep a child entertained and help him/her in growth and development. In that light, it will be useless to buy an activity table if the baby cannot gain any benefit from it. 

Since both entertainment and learning are the two primary goals it is crucial to get a table that has enough games which can be both engaging and growth-enhancing for the baby. 

Language Options Available:

Many bi-lingual families plan to raise their kids on the same lines. Thus an activity table that has more than one language option available is ideal for such parents. Additionally, more and more parents are getting their kids enrolled in foreign language classes. So, if you have any such plans for the future, it’s a good idea to buy an activity table which offers more than one language option. 

Battery Requirement:

An activity table offers lights, sound, music action and all other such activities which require the use of batteries. Though some companies sell the product with the batteries, it’s important to remember that these are only for demonstration and must be changed before the kid starts using the table. 

Product Dimension:

Most families have apartments these days, as the family sizes are getting smaller the living spaces too are getting crunched. In that light, it’s important to look into the dimensions of the activity table before buying one. There is no point in buying a table that won’t fit in your kid’s playroom. Thus it’s crucial to check out the height, depth, and width of the product before buying it. 

Height and Weight Consideration:

Some sit-and-spin activity tables mention the maximum height and weight limit for safety. Thus it’s essential to read out such warnings from the manufacturer. Additionally, look out for such limits before the purchase as this is the best policy. 

Music Features:

As noted by many psychologists, music is the best means to keep a child calm and engaged. Thus it’s advisable to look for an activity table which has the feature of music. In general, children prefer a table that has both lights and music. Such tables can hold the attention of kids for a long time as they get busy with the changing colors and playful music. 

If you want your child’s activity table to play a certain genre of music then you can look for tables that offer such facilities. Additionally, one has to decide if the table should play music or would it just be some tones. It’s important to keep all these factors in mind before choosing the ideal activity table.

Best Baby Activity Learning Table – Our Top 10 Recommendations and Reviews

After considering the points mentioned above, it’s time to look at a few top options of activity tables available in the market.

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table

This activity table offers a lot of learning options for the kids. There are various shapes, colours, and animals that the kids can play with. Additionally, the product is bilingual and can be ideal to teach the kids both English and Spanish. 

Product Feature:

  • The table offers four fun options. These include the puppy’s house, the market, the farm, and the Zoo. 
  • The interactive phone button is ideal to teach the kids about role-playing and fun phases
  • The table offers 9 lights and plays more than 120 songs and tunes. 
  • The product includes a smart stage technology  with three play levels
  • The table comes with legs which can be added when the baby starts walking. 


  • A fun motor toy
  • Ideal for kids in the age of 8 months or more
  • The smart age technology allows the product to grow with the child.


  • The toy is not all plastic and does have paper pictures. These pictures come off quickly.
  • The switches are right on the table which makes it easy for kids to shift them thereby changing the setting
  • Though its a fun table, its a little lightweight.

2.  LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

Leap drop has joined Amazon to offer this free of hassle packaging. The best thing about this product is the packaging that it offers. It’s recyclable, easy to use and is an absolute alternative to traditional packaging. This activity table comes with music and is ideal to teach kids about various things in a fun and interactive manner. This product offers a wide range of activities ideal to keep the kids engaged for long. 

Key Features:

  • Flip between music and learning mode
  • The colourful instruments can be activated by pressing, sliding, pulling and spinning
  • Offers instrument sounds like xylophone, piano and drums
  • Bilingual product


  • It is ideal for older children up to the age of 36 months
  • Sound and music are not too loud
  • An ideal “pulling up to a stand” toy
  • Easy to use


  • The product is a little lightweight
  • Colours create confusion
  • Less sturdy

3.   Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

As known, babies love music and this product is ideal if you want to make your baby a music lover. An ideal product to help kids learn and appreciate the various forms of music; and the best part is they can make music with it as well!

Key Features:

  • Allows kids to make their music
  • Offers a lot of musical instrument options like piano, guitar, French horn and drums
  • Piano keys have numbers with colours
  • Ideal for kids between 6 to 36 months
  • Offer three language options- French, English, Spanish


  • Ideal for kids with moderate dystonia
  • Sturdy long-lasting toy
  • Bright buttons and the volume of the music can be adjusted.


  • Low music volume
  • Lacks stability
  • A tad bit small in size compared to the other tablets available on the market

4.   VTech Magic Star Learning Table, Pink

This product offers quite a few fun activities for kids in both English and Spanish. The steering wheel can be used to move the product around. Additionally, the activity table plays nursery rhymes with the flip of the page. The light-up buttons that the product boasts are ideal to teach the kids about the various music and shapes. 

Key Features:

  • The table has 6 activities in English and Spanish
  • Great for developing motor skills for babies as the steering wheel helps the kids to move the table around
  • The product plays music and is ideal to teach kids about the various colours
  • Ideal for kids between  6 months to 3 years of age


  • Easy to use
  • Colourful lights and sounds offer an interactive interface for kids
  • Bilingual interface


  • The small cell phone that comes with the table is not attached and thus can go missing.
  • Not very sturdy
  • Legs are a little short and flimsy

5.  LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

Ideal for toddlers between the age of 6 month – 3 years, this product is quite different from the others available in the market as it offers eight different types of role-play activities. The first desk comes with a globe, phone, desk lamp, a laptop. This product is ideal for teaching children different sorts of greetings from around the world. Additionally, it can be used to teach the children about the various numbers, colours, shapes and opposites. 

Key Features:

  • Offers 27 electronic touchpoints to make the play interactive and fun
  • Offers an explore mode music and greetings from around the world. Additionally, comes with an interactive interface named Scout
  • The laptop on the table can be used to show various shapes and animal on the screen
  • Offers more than 180 songs, melodies, phrases and sounds


  • Engaging toy for infants
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal height for kids pulling up to a stand


  • Has a short height
  • The buttons and sounds on the table can be overwhelming for kids

6.   HOMOFY Baby Toys Musical Activity Learning Table

This is the ideal product to get your hands on if you want to keep your kid entertained for long and at the same time draw their attention to learning. The table offers a wide range of activities which includes attractive colours, sounds and pictures. Additionally, the product offers various rhymes and songs for children between the age group of  6 TO12 months and up. 

Key Features:

  • A toy that lights up and allows free play with melodies. 
  • An ideal way to introduce your baby with colours, shapes, patterns and songs. 
  • Music and light element- the various items placed on the table lights up. These include the table clock, pointer ball and the other different toys. 
  • Animal and Birds- With a flip of the page, the kids can see and learn about the different animals like cats, dogs, birds elephants and hear their voices. 
  • The table grows up with the baby. It can be used in the sitting position and later legs can be added to it so that the kids can use it while they learn to stand. Additionally, the legs can be removed and the table can be tied to the crib for younger kids. 


  • The perfect size to be used by babies
  • A sturdy toy that offers excellent quality
  • Easy to take from one place to another


  • The table is a tad bit smaller than the other products
  • Loud sound even when set in low
  • Too lightweight

7.   VTech GearZooz 2-in-1 Jungle Friends Gear Park

This is the best activity table to introduce your kid to the animal world. The spin and steer function of the table allows kids to develop their motor skills, additionally the table teaches simple cause and effect relationship, and all this while listening to some fun interactive music. A friendly Smart Gear animal can be placed on the table and the kids could be taught about the sounds they make, the light and sound show is an additional fun bonus. 

Key Features:

  • Gears can be changed to hear songs, music and sounds
  • Three Spin Smart Gear animals are placed on the stage to produce melodies and responses. 
  • Five interactive play gear setting
  • 5 bright coloured piano keys to introduce colours, numbers, instrument, animal fun and much more
  • The table can be connected to 16 gears for mix and match play
  • An ideal activity centre for kids between 18 months to 4 years 


  • The toy helps kids to sit up
  • The learning activities keep the kids engaged for long
  • The perfect table for one-year-olds


  • Kids under one year of age need supervision for use
  • Rectangular shaped toys often lack balance
  • Little lightweight

8.   Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table

This activity table is loaded with fun activities to keep kids busy and entertained for a long time. The product has a very fun ball drop ramp that allows spiralling balls and is accompanied by sound and music. Additionally, the elephant toy that comes attached with the product plays melodies and sounds which is quite entertaining. The best part is that the product works in four languages- English, Spanish, French and German

Key Features:

  • Maximum weight is 26 pounds
  • Multilingual
  • Different modes to work with
  • Kid-friendly material
  • Ideal from kids between 9 months to 1 year old


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with batteries
  • Ideal gift for curious babies
  • Flawless design


  • Lightweight
  • The table legs are little shaky
  • Short in size

9.   Melissa & Doug First Play Jungle Wooden Activity Table

This is the ideal activity table for kids aged 12 months or older. The table is fun, loaded with activities and can hold on to the attention of toddlers for long. The product comes with gears to turn and spin, ball rolls, slide bead actions, open flap action, spin wheel, whimsical jungle theme design and much more. 

Key Features:

  • The product offers 8 different types of activities that help in developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • A sturdy wooden toy that ensures safety, stability and longevity
  • The jungle theme table uses bright colours, bold patterns, and a whimsical design that is attractive. 


  • Can help kids learn to balance during individual sitting
  • Study toy
  • Ideal to hold the attention of kids


  • Small in size
  • Assembling the product is a little difficult

10.   IQ Series Letter Train Activity Table

This is a multifaceted activity table. It can be used for creative play both on the floor and can be paired with legs when the kids start to grow. There are lots of light, music and learning modes which are ideal for growing kids. 

Key Feature:

  • Alphabet table
  • Comes with a  5 note piano table
  • Bright flashy light to attract kids


  • Ideal for kids to teach them alphabet songs
  • Can be used without the legs
  • Ideal for kids who are learning to stand


  • The detachable train might get lost
  • A little small
  • Not many educational parts

FAQ – Baby Activity Learning Table

What is an activity table?

Activity tables are kid’s toys which are ideal to teach cognitive skills, development skills and motor skills to toddlers. These tables can be moved around, placed on the floor and carried to one place from another. Activity tables are a fun way to keep the kids engaged for long hours and help them learn about the world around them. These tables are the best way to introduce your kids to colours, numbers, song, animals, shapes and such other elements that they learn about in pre-school. An activity table gives the kids a good head start with such knowledge. 

What is the best activity table for a baby?

If you are looking for the best activity table for babies and 1-year-old kids then you can opt for Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table Playset. The table offers four fun modes, has an interactive interface and is ideal to hold on to the attention for the kids for a long time. The bright colours, sounds and music are ideal to intrigue the curiosity of the kids

Are activity tables good for babies?

Indeed. Activity tables are ideal toys to engage kids and instil learning spirit in them from an early stage. Since such tables offer a lot of activities, it encourages motor skills, comprehensive skills, and cognitive development.  Additionally, the light and sound function lead to interactive training from an early stage. 

Since babies between the age group of 6 to 12 months are curious by nature and love to investigate, such toys help them to understand the world around them properly. Activity tables are a safe way to identify the various textures, movements, sounds and light. Finally, such tables keep the children engaged for long when parents can get other work done. 

What age do babies use activity centres?

Babies generally start to explore their surroundings from the age of 6 months. Thus this is the ideal time to get them into activity centres. However, there are a few advanced activity centres which are ideal for older kids. Thus, it’s important to take a look at the various activities and their levels before buying an ideal piece for your baby. Most activity centres can be adjusted as the kids grow up. This is very lucrative as the table does not become useless as the kids grow up.

Final Verdict:

The buying guide and the various products mentioned above will make the buying process quite easy. Indeed it gets confusing while choosing the best baby activity learning table for your child, however knowing the pros and cons of the various products available in the market makes the selection process smooth. We hope that this buying guide helps you with your research and you can buy the best possible activity table for your little darling. All the best!

Please leave a comment and let us know if the article was help or if there is anyway we can improve it. We would also love to know which baby activity table did you decide to buy and why?

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These activity learning tables will help your babies with their mental and physical growth and keep them active as well. These activity learning tables are suitable for babies and toddlers to use indoors and in some cases outdoors as well.

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