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“We are a group of moms who want to help other moms and families with their newborns and kids of all the ages!”

We are a group of mom friends that met through a local mommy group. It is always challenging to find the right advice or suggestions when it comes down to parenting, especially when you have kids of different ages. At times, we wanted to buy activity or education toys and games for our kids but had no clue what to buy. We often looked for the best toys or products that would serve our purpose but didn’t find any resource to help us with what we need. We weren’t sure what to buy and what we should avoid, and we asked so many questions at local toy shops and baby shops but it didn’t help much in most cases. That’s when we decided to launch “Familymusthaves.com” to help fellow moms and new moms by sharing our experiences.

The main purpose of this website is to provide honest information in regards to parenting advice, interactive toys, educational games, etc. and what to look for buying to help you select the best possible products for your little ones and other family members from our carefully curated and well-researched list.

I really want this website to be the last place for parents who are looking for the best and unbiased information about different products, toys and games that are available out there in the market and online. As a group of fellow moms, we will try our best and do extensive research and testing on a wide range of products so we can educate you about the products before you make a decision to purchase them.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions and would like us to review any particular products.

Thank you for stopping by.

– Angela Farmer